Looking for Light Pt. III: The Exercise

Today in part 3 of Looking for Light we’re going to go over the exercise that will help you to “see” light and take better photos. So, recently, I have been consciously focusing on paying more attention to light.  If I see something interesting, it’s usually because it’s illuminated in an interesting way.  As result,Continue reading “Looking for Light Pt. III: The Exercise”

Looking for Light Pt. II: The Lightroom Process

Today in part 2 of Looking for Light we’re going to talk about the Lightroom Process that created the final photo. Lets get started. This is the photo right out to the camera.  Looking at it, I can see two needs that jump out at me. The white balance needs to be adjusted and it needsContinue reading “Looking for Light Pt. II: The Lightroom Process”

Looking for Light Pt. I: The Story

Today marks the beginning of a 3 part series called “Looking for Light.  In the first post I’m going to explain the story behind the photo, where the it was taken, and how I set the camera.  Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about the Adobe Lightroom processing. On the last day, I’m going to introduce aContinue reading “Looking for Light Pt. I: The Story”

Ends of the Earth: Viewbug Image of the Year submission

So for my first post I want to share a story about a photo that is very near and dear to my heart.  But I’m going to start this off by saying apparently my photo is in the running for Image of the Year!  This is a shock and welcome surprise!  I would really appreciateContinue reading “Ends of the Earth: Viewbug Image of the Year submission”