Looking for Light Pt. II: The Lightroom Process

Today in part 2 of Looking for Light we’re going to talk about the Lightroom Process that created the final photo.

Lets get started.

The original photo.  No cropping or processing.

This is the photo right out to the camera.  Looking at it, I can see two needs that jump out at me. The white balance needs to be adjusted and it needs to be cropped.  The photo is very green, which makes her look sickly.  Also, the composition is not working for me.

To Adobe Lightroom we go.  I imported the photo and started working in the DEVELOP section.

So first, adjust the white balance.

Black and white kristyn blog wb
Adjusting the white balance like this takes the green out of the photo, adds in some magenta, and cools it off.

Next we crop the photo.

Black and white kristyn blog crop
Yes, I crop.

And we get this.

Black and white kristyn blog 1
The green tint has been replaced by a magenta tint.  I find this much more pleasing because it brings out the details in her hat and face which creates an outline that separates her from the background.

Normally, this would be enough, but something was missing.  I wasn’t done yet.  I tried adding many different color combinations in the shadows/highlights but nothing looked right.  So I defaulted to what always looks awesome.  Black and White.

Making a photo black and white is easy.

Black and white kristyn blog no sat
Grab the Saturation slider in the presence menu and move it all the way to the left to -100.

Color saturation refers to how vivid and intense a color is.  When a color’s saturation level is reduced to -100 in Lightroom, it becomes a shade of gray.

Black and white kristyn blog bw simple.jpg

Once I got here, I did what I always do and started adjusting exposure, contrast, and the highlight/shadow levels.

Black and white kristyn blog final settings.jpg
Adjust the exposure, contrast, shadows/highlights, etc. to you liking.

And that is how I arrived at the final photo.

12.16.15 watermarked_4

Stick around for part 3 where we go over the Looking for Light Exercise!

If you liked what you read, want more content like this, or have a question, let me know in the comments section!


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