Indie Pop Producer | Music Coach


Songwriting &

Discover your ideas and arrange them into sections and songs.  Let your creativity flow. Throw ideas at the wall, and we’ll keep the ones that stick.

Recording &

Record your arrangements. Beautiful chords, warm synths, moody electronic drum beats, and atmospheric soundscapes will define your sound and add depth, life, and subtlety to every track.

Mixing &

Polish your arrangements into finished records that are ready for digital and analog release.  Whether playing on a phone, in a car, or through headphones, your songs will sound great on any set of speakers.

Our Work

Production | Mixing | Mastering

Production | Mixing | Mastering

Production | Songwriting


Whether writing, recording, and touring with Queens Over Kings or building Blank Tape Studios, I have spent the entirety of my professional life in creative industries.

I love helping artists realize their potential and turn their ideas into reality. Passion is only part of the equation. Creativity comes in waves. It ebbs and flows. The trick is to show up everyday.

I will help you perfect your craft so that when inspiration strikes, you are ready to ride the wave.

Creativity then becomes a predictable process, not a spontaneous event. Trust your instincts and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Stick to the plan and you will achieve.

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